Web Design

Bespoke and Responsive

We love designing modern, beautiful and functional websites! A bespoke web design helps your business stand out from the crowd, establishes a clear brand message and helps to effectively convert your visitors into customers. Every website we build is designed and coded from scratch - you’ll be surprised at how avoiding pre-made templates can save you money, giving you more to spend on what’s important to your business. We never use templates as they are often slow, require constant tweaking and can look unprofessional. We strongly believe in a 'build once, build well' approach.

The web is a fast changing place and more than ever your site needs to look great on every device. Our websites ares designed to work beautifully on mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops and even widescreen TVs! With 60% of internet access occurring from a tablet or smartphone, no business can afford to ignore mobile design.

White Horse build websites with a mobile-first approach, meaning your website is perfectly optimised for your visitors and the search engines from day one. As the browser is resized, our sites will automatically adjust, resize and expand to fit the screen. This means no more scrolling, zooming, pinching and screaming to tap that link!

Customer Focussed

The number one goal of most business websites is to convert visitors into customers, subscribers or members. White Horse design websites that are customer focussed. We get to know your business, understand your customers and build a site that works for them.

We aim to maximise sales conversions by placing as few clicks as possible between a visitor getting to where you want them, be it placing and order, calling your business or simply finding information.

Easily Updatable

An up-to-date website helps you rank higher in the search engines, keeps your customers up to date and makes your business look alive. All of our web designs are fully flexible and updatable for the future. Every site comes with a content management system, allowing you to update the text, pictures and links. We offer full training and support to explain how every feature of your site works and give you all the tools you need to keep it looking fresh in future. Of course, if you prefer, we are very happy to manage it all for you and are always on hand to help!

The Project Process

1: Planning Phase

We work closely with you to find out essential info about your business such as your target audience, your short/long term goals and most importantly what you want out of your new site. We’ll then provide you with a project specification and brainstorm ideas.

2: Design Phase

While we do all the heavy lifting, your input is an important tool in the design process. Our talented design team provide you with cutting edge concepts specifically made for your business, followed by a design consultation to discuss your ideas.

3: Development Phase

The coding begins! Once the designs are approved, the online development of the site begins. We code all our sites to the latest web standards, ensuring perfect functionality and optimization for various devices. We also fine tune the content - this is where it gets exciting!

4: Launch Phase

Now that your new site has been created, it’s time to see it in action. We roll it out to the world! After launch, we ensure your site is always up to date and relevant to your current goals, and help you rank higher on Google with ongoing SEO and advertising solutions.